skips picMy name is Skip Banks, I started sailing at the age of ten. Sailing dinghy’s for a couple of years, and living on Long Island Sound I built my first ice boat at the age of fifteen and became hooked on speed under sail. Then at the age of eighteen I began racing the twelve foot Aqua-Cat Catamaran.  I then began working for American Fiberglass building the Aqua-Cat Catamaran. Over the proceeding years I became the factory sponsored racing team, participating at regattas with the intention of winning and promoting the boats I was building.

As a result I was sent to England to participate in the selection of the Olympic Catamaran. Subsequently I got involved with C-Class Catamarans. And in 1977 I started building C-Class Catamarans and founded Performance Sail Products.

Over the next 8 years after building 2 C-Class Catamarans successfully defending the Little America’s Cup until 1985. Because of my involvement with the C-Class catamarans I was hired by Dennis Conner to participate in the 1988 Americas Cup defense. This was also the first time a multi hull was used to successfully defend the Americas Cup. During this time I was listed in the Who’s Who of sailing.

I then became a dealer for the trifoiler hydro foil sail boat for approximately five years which furthered my experience with other designs.

Consequently I began to create my own ultimate beach catamaran. So this website is for the introduction of my design which I have named the Banks 24. The basic dimensions are 24 feet long 16 feet wide, being very light weight allows it to be very efficient which translates into high speed. This design enables you to personally have an experience some what similar to an Americas Cup Catamaran.

If you are interested in purchasing a Banks 24 Ultimate Beach Catamaran of your own, the price completed will be $30,000 for the sailing experience of your life.

We are just about ready to build the Banks 24 in West Haven, Ct if interested contact me, at performancesailproducts@gmail.com.

With additional financing we will just about ready to start building the ultimate beach speed catamaran that will be unlike anything previously available and can  branded to the investors.

Skip Banks




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